Annual Report 2016
































  1. Register of Charities: we have fully completed our organisation’s entry in the Register of Charities and it is up to date,
  2. Regulation: our  has been submitted to the Charity Regulator.
  3. Governance: we have adopted the Governance Code and recorded the fact at , we are on the Governance Journey.
  4. Fundraising: we comply with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising (and record the fact at
  5. Conflicts of interest: no paid employees, or people who receive regular payments for doing work for New Hope, are board members, trustees or directors of our organisation.
  6. Transparency: we publish our accounts 2017 and Annual Report 2017 on our website, and have created a section of our website where we describe the impact of our work.
    • List the names of your trustees and how your organisation is governed.
  7. Communicate: we know that our beneficiaries and supporters are our most important stakeholders. We will proactively communicate with them to reassure them and assure that our organisation is well-governed, and that we comply with best practice. Layton Kelly or Áine Lebioda can be contacted to deal with queries and can be contacted at
































See Our Guiding Principles Of Fundraising